Saturday, June 13, 2009


The current featured artisan is moi, your lowly guild master. :)

Um...short and sweet...been quilting for about 10 yrs now. Self taught which has helped and hindered me along the way.

I'm now a teacher at a local quilt shop and teach 1-3 classes a quarter. Currently teaching "Grandmother's Flowers Garden" (hand-piecing) and "Trio Strip Quilt" (a basic beginner's class).

Being booked from June to December, I get burnt out with quilts by January. So, I make quilted purses and accessories, baby and toddler items, things for the home, wool-work, etc. Small projects that don't take more than a couple of days (at most) to complete and are not stressful.

So, of course, it's June and I'm already booked through the middle of July. *sigh* But I love it.

I've included pics of 2 of my quilts. A "Grandmother's Flowers Garden" and a Reverse Applique Rag quilt. Also, one of my quilted purses. Three pics are the blog limit. :)

Stop by and check out my shop sometime. There's something for everyone.


  1. what gorgeous quilts, they are really spectacular, like earrings, can't have too many ; )

  2. Thx! Lots of love, and time, in them...quilts are my passion. :)

  3. Very pretty quilts and love the bag! I finally figured out how to find the blog...yea! I guess that means progress!