Sunday, August 30, 2009


Terri own the "Annrose" jewelry shop on Artfire.

Her favorite materials to work with are sterling silver and gemstones. She offers necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Custom orders are always welcome at her shop.

Now's the time to start your Christmas shopping!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Share Your Flair" Award

Our guild blog was fortunate enough to receive this award twice. The first person to give us the award was Tracy (of the "Braggin' Rights" shop on Artfire). Since I'm the guild master, the award was sent to me. The second person to give the guild the award was myself.

I choose to give this award, again, to the guild because even though I maintain the blog, it really is an ENTIRE group effort to run. We all promote the two weekly featured shops and our monthly "Where's Waldo" contest.

So, somehow I'm suppose to figure out 3 things to tell about us once we've accepted the blog.

1. Our guild is a little special because to be a member your shop has to have less than 10 sales. Once you've hit your 11th sale, you're required to leave the guild. With the rest of us sending you hugs and best wishes (and a little envy...LOL).

2. We have become very good at giving each other moral support. Financial support is not a requirement but we do all that we can to help promote one other, in any and ALL venues possible.

3. Our motto is basically two-fold: 1) If we don't promote ourselves, who's going to do it for us?; and 2) by promoting others karma will come back to us via increased traffic and sales.

Now, I had a difficult time choosing the 3 blogs to pass this award on to, but I finally made my decision. If the blogs choose to accept the award, they have to tell three things about themselves and forward it along to 3 other blogs that support and promote other artisans and shops.

1. My Sweet Greens ~ Promote various shops and items of the day. The blog really specializes in "green" and "eco-friendly" themed items and artisans. There are also numerous posts on how to live a "green" life and is very interesting and fascinating to read.

2. A Special Touch ~ This is a relatively new blog but Angela has thrown herself into it with such force it's truly amazing. She has daily featured artisans and is doing a wonderful job (for a fledgling blog) promoting her fellow artisans.

3. Andrea W. Designs ~ Andrea is also another great blog that promotes artisans, shops, and items of the day.

So, there you have it. I "withheld" the news of this award, from the guild, because I wanted them to be surprised when they read today's post.

Congrats to everyone! I'm the person behind the scenes but you've ALL made it what it is....definitely a group effort!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crocheted Little Things

Lu owns the "Crocheted Little Things" shop on Artfire.

As her shop's name depicts, she specializes in all things crocheted...and I do mean ALL things! Household items, jewelry, pincushions, bowls, clothes, Xmas ornaments and much more!

Lu had the good fortune to be our guild's first spotlighted shop (located in the sidebar, you'll see a mini gallery from her shop) and to be a featured shop within the same week! It certainly wasn't planned and really worked out well for Lu. Lucky you, Lu! :)

You really should go by her shop and see everything that she has to offer. Christmas is just around the corner and there's no time like the present to start banging away at the Xmas list! I know because I'm off to start hotlisting items for my own "to-do" list.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twitterbird Creations

Donna owns the "Twitterbird Creations" jewelry shop on Artfire.

She has a very unique promotion going on right now. Email her and tell her to "enter me for the giveaway". Include your name and any item (up to $15) from any guild's shop (that she is a member of) that you would like for her to purchase for you (if you were to win). Isn't that neat?

So, stop by and check out the rest of her shop and then find something that you would like to win! A great time to start your Xmas shopping.

Shop Spotlights

We've added a new feature to our blog that begins today...Shop Spotlights.

In the sidebar, you will see a shop's name is posted (as a working link to the shop) and 6 mini pictures (a variety of items that are available for sale). If you want to buy something pictured, just click on it and you're taken immediately to a secured (no sign in) shopping cart! How cool is that???

A new shop will be spotlighted every Sunday and run throughout the week.

This is in addition to our bi-weekly featured shop posts.

So, check back often! We'll have a new featured shop posted every couple of days, a new spotlight every week, and something "guild" related every Saturday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Winner Is....

Priscilla Nault is our August "Where's Waldo" contest winner!!!

Congrats, Priscilla!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this month's contest. It was our largest turnout yet!

We've already started discussing some minor "tweaks" for next month's contest, so keep checking in.

I've posted the prizes that Priscilla picked...again, congratulations Priscilla!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Where's Waldo" August Contest

This contest is based on "Where's Waldo". Explanation of what a "Waldo" is (for those who aren't familiar with this children's cartoon character) is at the end of the post.

Contest starts today and ends August 20th. First contestant with ALL of the CORRECT Waldo items wins BOTH of the prizes (shown). Winner gets their choice of wallet AND coin purse. The prizes were donated by VaBeachQuilter. Visit her shop to see more great items by clicking on her badge (in the upper left-hand corner).

Winner will be announced and notified on August 21st. Once I've received their address; the prize will be mailed.

Good luck everyone!!!


Each shop has chosen, one of their items, to be "Waldo". "Waldo" fits the theme for the month. This month's theme is "Back to School".

ANYONE with an internet connection can participate in the contest.

Contestants need to find each shop's "Waldo" item. Some shops might have multiple items that could fit the theme. Contestants will have to read each item's description until they find the one that has the phrase "You've Found Waldo" hidden within.

To make it a little easier for contestants, ALL "Waldos" are listed in the "featured gallery" of each shop.

Once contestants have found each shop's "Waldo", email me your list.

The first contestant with a COMPLETE and CORRECT list will be the winner.

NOTE: Guild members that participate, in the contest, can "play" but can't "win".

Here are the participating shops:



Waldo is a fictional, cartoon person that has a dozen or so children's books out. Waldo is, almost, always dressed the same and he's "hidden" in a picture filled with hundreds of other things.

Everything's drawn close together and they're extremely BUSY pictures. Children have to "find" Waldo. It's not easy sometimes because the artist tries to make Waldo "blend" in. It's basically a "seek and find" book.

That's the premise of the contest.

Each participating shop has chosen a "Waldo" item. Hidden within the description, of the item, is the phrase "you've found Waldo".

Contestants might have to peruse multiple items, in a shop's "featured" gallery, before they find "Waldo".

The theme for this month's contest is "Back to School". So, the "Waldo" will be an item that falls under that theme.

Friday, August 14, 2009

"Where's Waldo" August Contest

Our guild's August "Where's Waldo" contest begins first thing tomorrow!

New theme, new sponsor, new prizes, and new participating shop list!

Same rules as last month. Rules and explanations will be posted, along with all of the current information, first thing in the a.m.

Get your pens ready, warm up your fingers, and massage your eyes...the Waldo hunt will soon begin!!!

Good luck to everyone!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fiber Cycle

The "Fiber Cycle" shop on Artfire specializes in hand-dyed wools, yarn, and hand-prepared fibers.

Such beautiful colors and combinations of wools and more!

Offered are:

~ Rare breed wool (Polwarth, Babydoll, and more)
~ Merino and Rambouillet
~ Fleece and Locks
~ Bamboo
~ Hand-spun yarn
~ SW Merino and Seacell

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Il Mare Atelier

The "Il Mare Atelier" shop, on Artfire, has beautifully hand-crafted jewelry.

Her jewelry will arrive in a gift box, wrapped with ribbon. What can be better than getting your gift pre-packaged for you??? (Psst...all of you guys OUT there!)

Free shipping is being offered for the entire month of August.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rosetree Creations

Sandy owns the "Rosetree Creations" shop on Artfire.

She lives in Norfolk, VA just mere minutes from me. How is it we still haven't met? LOL

Anyway, our guild was fortunate enough to have Sandy sponsor our July's "Where's Waldo" contest.

She makes the CUTEST Amigurumi animals! She also has crocheted animals and items, as well as, polymer clay sculptures.

She has free shipping on everything and is always adding new things. Stop by and see the rest of her menagerie for yourself!!!

Oh, and being from Virginia, I just HAD to post her Virginia Tech Amigurumi monkey!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Braggin' Rights

Tracy owns the "Braggin' Rights" shop on Artfire.

She has a wonderful, and ecletic, array of crocheted items in her shop.

Her ever popular 3-piece bath sets (with include 2 face scrubbies and a hangeable soap-saver sleeve). The cutest hair clips. Refillable ECO sachets. Bath tea bags, though not crocheted, filled with wonderfully scented sea salts.

And the CUTEST thing around...Pooch-Doggie Doo's!!! I've pictured one so you can see how you can make your little poochie look her best!

Visit Tracy's shop to see more of these wonderful items.

She is currently running a "Dog Days of Summer" sale.

Our Shops With Blogs

Just about all of our shops have a blog (or two). These are some fantastic blogs to read and follow! Many have contests (with fabulous prizes!); special offers for followers; and more.

These really are worthwhile reading!