Sunday, June 14, 2009

Explanation of Waldo...

Waldo is a fictional, cartoon person that has a dozen or so books out (children's books). Waldo is, almost, always dressed the same and he's "hidden" in a picture filled with hundreds of other things.

Everything's drawn close together and they're extremely BUSY pictures. Children have to "find" Waldo. It's not easy sometimes because the artist tries to make Waldo "blend" in. It's basically a "seek and find" book.

That's the premise of the contest.

Each participating shop has chosen a "Waldo" item and emailed me their choice. Hidden within the description, of the item, is the phrase "you've found WAldo".

Contestants might have to peruse mulitple items, in a shop, before they find "Waldo".

The theme for this month's contest is "Princess for a Day". So, the "Waldo" will be an item that would fall under that theme.

The contestant that finds all of the "Waldos" and emails me their list will be the winner. Winner won't be announced until July 1st.

Sponsors and participants can "play" but can't "win".

ANYONE with an internet connection can participate.


  1. I'm off and rummaging through the participating shops! Catch me if you can...
    Coco, Artisan Columnist at HandmadeNews.Org

  2. :) Thx for all that you've done!