Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jewelry by Fyfe

Susan owns the "Jewelry by Fyfe" shop.  She offers pins, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and more!
She uses a variety of mediums in her craft...wirewraps, enamels, beaded, and polymer clay.

Custom orders are always welcomed.

This is a really fun shop to browse and now's the time to start thinking of your Xmas "to-do" list.  I just bet that you can find something for that special someone in this shop!!!  Or even treat yourself!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

On Pens and Needles

Jan owns the wonderfully eclectic "On Pens and Needles" Artfire shop.

Jan owns the "On Pens and Needles" shop.

She has a sells a large variety of items...pens, baby items, jewelry, toys, and more!

Her woodcrafted items are absolutely gorgeous! You really need to stop by her shop to see everything that she has to offer!!

This is a great time to start your Christmas shopping...Christmas stockings, bears, and more are now listed in her shop!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Featured Item of the Day by Beans Boutique

Kelly, owner of the "Beans Boutique" Artfire jewelry shop has today's featured item...."Black Magic Earrings".

Inspiration behind the earrings:  "I originally made these earring for my sister years ago, and I recently came across the bases again. When my estetician asked for a pair of black crystally chandelier earrings I knew exactly what to make. I brought them to my place of employment, my boss saw them and had to have them. She purchased them on the spot. A coworker saw her appreciation of them, and bought a pair for his girlfriend the next day. I have been carrying a pair around with me ever since. Black magic is definitly the right name for them because when you see them you have to have them !"

She is offering for today ONLY :  50% off of these earrings (before shipping)!  Use coupon code: SPOTLIGHT at the time of checkout.

What a great deal and a beautiful gift for yourself or for someone for special!!!  Get a jump on your Christmas shopping with these earrings!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Exquisite Studios

Emily owns the "Exquisite Studios" jewelry shop.

She has beautiful bracelets, earrings, and necklaces available. There are also these wonderful little wired baskets and decorated candleholders, too.

Now's the time to start working on your Xmas to-do list and what's a better place to start than at "Exquisite Studios"???

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Winner Is.....

This month's lucky "Where's Waldo" contest winner is Michelle Wood. Congratulations, Michelle!!!

Thanks to everyone that participated in our guild contest. We hope that you all enjoyed yourselves and will return for next month's contest.

The "Waldo's" are listed at the end of the post.

Please take a moment to browse the new changes to our blog while you're here. We now have:

- a guild slideshow
- a calendar of blog events
- a list of ALL of our shops
- Xmas countdown
- Top 10 active followers
- and even a koi pond, so please feed our fish while you are here. Oh, can you guess how many fish are in the pond? 10!!! Just like our guild name!

Hidden Waldos:

1. VaBeachQuilter ~ Mini Fall Pansies Table Topper
2. On Pens and Needles ~ Fall Coasters
3. Exquisite Studios ~ Sunset You've Found Waldo Candle Holder
4. Ilmare ~ Smoky Quartz Earrings
5. Braggin' Rights ~ 3 piece bath set Desert Sunrise
6. Liquidambar ~ Orange/Yellow Pendant
7. Jewelry by Fyfe ~ Maple Leaf Choker
8. Radical Recrafter ~ Crocheted Marketbag

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Where's Waldo" September Contest

This contest is based on "Where's Waldo". Explanation of what a "Waldo" is (for those who aren't familiar with this children's cartoon character) is at the end of the post.

Contest starts today and ends September 20th. There has been a "tweak" to how a winner will be determined. Before it was first one, with all of the correct answers, won but the guild didn't feel that was entirely fair. The winner will now be determined, randomly, using

The BEAUTIFUL prize were donated by Ilmare. Visit her shop to see more great items by clicking on her badge (in the upper left-hand corner).

Winner will be announced and notified on August 21st. Once I've received their address (to forward to Su...Ilmare); the prize will be mailed.

Good luck everyone!!!


Each shop has chosen, one of their items, to be "Waldo". "Waldo" fits the theme for the month. This month's theme is "Colors of Fall". So, "Waldos" will be in fall colors.

ANYONE with an internet connection can participate in the contest.

Contestants need to find each shop's "Waldo" item. Some shops might have multiple items that could fit the theme. Contestants will have to read each item's description until they find the one that has the phrase "You've Found Waldo" hidden within.

To make it a little easier for contestants, ALL "Waldos" are listed in the "featured gallery" of each shop.

Once you've found each shop's "Waldo", email me your list.

NOTE: Guild members that participate, in the contest, can "play" but can't "win".

Here are the participating shops:

1. Ilmare
2. VaBeachQuilter
3. On Pens and Needles
4. Exquisite Studios
5. Braggin' Rights
6. Jewelry by Fyfe
7. Liquidambar
8. Radical Recrafter


Waldo is a fictional, cartoon person that has a dozen or so children's books out. Waldo is, almost, always dressed the same and he's "hidden" in a picture filled with hundreds of other things.

Everything's drawn close together and they're extremely BUSY pictures. Children have to "find" Waldo. It's not easy sometimes because the artist tries to make Waldo "blend" in. It's basically a "seek and find" book.

That's the premise of the contest.

Each participating shop has chosen a "Waldo" item. Hidden within the description, of the item, is the phrase "you've found Waldo".

Contestants might have to peruse multiple items, in a shop's "featured" gallery, before they find "Waldo".

The theme for this month's contest is "Colors of Fall". So, the "Waldo" will be an item that falls under that theme.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guild Master's Picks of the (Second) Day

Well, here are my picks for the remainder of our guild shops. I have just had the best time searching each shop! But a difficult time trying to decide the pics to choose to share with you.

It's the same as yesterday...the shops will be posted (with working links), the item in their picture, and any specials that they might have to offer you.

1. Beans Boutique ~ Halloween Earring ~ 25% off of total order with free shipping Coupon: GUILDSPECIAL

2. Forest of Jewels ~ Necklace & Earring Set ~

3. The Hobby Room ~ Flower Clip ~
20% off of total order Coupon: First 10

4. Shabby Bags ~ Clemson Purse ~

5. Made for Me by Oaklie ~ scarf ~

6. Annrose ~ Circle Necklace ~

7. Radical Recrafter ~ Clutch ~

8. Fiber Cycle ~ Colored Wool ~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guild Master's Picks of the (First) Day

Today, I'm going to feature my favorite picks from half the shops (in our guild).

Tomorrow, I'll showcase my picks from the other half.

If, a shop is offering a "Today Only" special, for our blog readers, it'll be posted next to their shop name. The name will be a working link (taking you directly to each shop).

Pictures will go from left to right. Shops will coordinate with the pics. In case there's trouble lining shops to pictures, which happens sometimes with blogger, I'm going add a description of the item next to each shop's name.

So, take some time and enjoy yourself. There is so MUCH more to see in each shop.

1. VaBeachQuilter ~ Baby Quilt ~ 15% off of ANY one item (up to $29.95) Coupon: GUILD10

2. Exquisite Studios ~ Hearts Bracelet ~

3. On Pens and Needles ~ Pen ~

4. Jewelry by Fyfe ~ Scottie Dog Earrings ~ $5 off any item Coupon: $5 off

5. Valmade ~ It's A Boy card ~

6. Ilmare ~ Necklace with Blue Stones ~ Free Shipping Coupon: 9480CA5CA6-9DF2256017

7. Braggin' Rights ~ Retro Apron ~
35% off ALL Hair Clips Coupon: GUILD PROMO 35%

8. Liquidambar ~ Pottery Vase ~

Have fun perusing our shops!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our September's Waldo Contest

I'm not going to give away any of the juicy details for this month's contest...i.e. theme, participating shops, prize, or prize sponsor. "Awww...", I know that's what you're saying but it's only a few more days away until it starts.

Remember to mark the 15th on your calendar. Contest will end on the 20th.

But I will let you in on the "tweak" that was made to the rules. The winner will now be chosen RANDOMLY! Yep, no more first come, first serve...ANYONE has a chance to win, no matter WHEN you turn in your answers!

So, don't get discouraged if you're finding Waldos near the end of the contest, you will still have a chance to win.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm fortunate enough to be the guild master of this wonderful Artfire guild. There are many wonderful people that are supportive of one another. We help each other to strive to reach our goal of having a "successful online shop".

"VaBeachQuilter" ~ I'm a quilter, at heart, but have branched out into many different areas. Sometimes, it's just nice to make something that only takes a little while to make (a day or two) versus something (like a quilt) that takes weeks from start to finish.

I have quilted purses and matching accessories. Baby items...blankees, diaper bags (a new addition to my shop), bibs, etc. Also, I love making table runners and table toppers and have a large selection available...I have fall-themes listed and am now beginning to list Halloween. Christmas won't be too far away.

Custom orders are always welcome and now's the time to put in your order for a quilt for Christmas. I can take orders (approx. 55" x 75" down to 30" x 40") up until December 1st (for Xmas delivery). November 1st is my deadline for twin-size quilts and larger.

I always have free shipping (continental U.S.)...with many items under $10. Now's the time to start your Christmas shopping...stocking stuffers and so much more!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Liquidambar Studio of Art

Our next featured shop is "Liquidambar Studio of Art".

It's specialty is jewelry made with clay, fused glass, and other mediums. They also have pottery.

Custom orders are always welcomed! There is a 20% off sale on select items.

Now's a great time to start your Xmas shopping! Stop by and check out all the other wonderful things to be found there.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Waldo Coming Soon and More!

Our monthly "Where's Waldo" contest is coming up again in a little more than a week.

We have new themes, shops have started signing-up, and one major tweak to the rules.

We will also be having our own guild Fan Page on Facebook...which should be up and running by the end of next week (*crossing fingers*).

So, keep checking back featured shop tomorrow (Sunday) and new spotlight shop on Monday!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Radical Recrafter

The "Radical Recrafter" shop specializes in upcycling, recycling, and using left-overs (from projects, etc.) to make all of the items in the shop.

There are bags and totes; cups and cozies; and dolls and plushies.

There are just so many cute things, in this shop, that I had a difficult time choosing my 3 pics.

You really need to stop by and see what else has been made and "saved" from ending up in landfills!!!