Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where's Waldo? Princess for a Day themed contest

Definition of a "Waldo" is in the previous post.

Here are the participating shops:


Email me your final lists of "Waldo" items @

Contest starts today and runs through June 30th. First contestant with ALL of the CORRECT Waldo items wins the FABULOUS necklace (shown) donated by Emily of Exquisite Studios.

Winner will be announced on July 1st. Once I've received their address (to forward to Emily) the prize will be mailed.

Good luck everyone!!!

Contest Rules:

Each shop picks a "Waldo" item, in their shop, that fits the theme for the month.

This month's theme is "Princess for the Day". Contest starts today and runs through June 30th.

Each participating shop has emailed me their "Waldo" item's name.

ANYONE with an internet connection can participate in the contest and win the great prize (shown in the sidebar) donated by Emily, of Exquisite Studios.

Contestants need to find each shop's "Waldo" item. Some shops might have multiple items that could fit the theme. Contestants will have to read each item's description until they find the one that has the phrase "You've Found Waldo" hidden within.

Once contestants have found each shop's Waldo, email me your list.

The first contestant with a COMPLETE and CORRECT list will be the winner.

Winner will be announced on July 1st. Prize will be mailed as soon as I have received the winner's address (to forward along to Emily).

NOTE: Guild members that participate, in the contest, can "play" but can't "win".

Explanation of Waldo...

Waldo is a fictional, cartoon person that has a dozen or so books out (children's books). Waldo is, almost, always dressed the same and he's "hidden" in a picture filled with hundreds of other things.

Everything's drawn close together and they're extremely BUSY pictures. Children have to "find" Waldo. It's not easy sometimes because the artist tries to make Waldo "blend" in. It's basically a "seek and find" book.

That's the premise of the contest.

Each participating shop has chosen a "Waldo" item and emailed me their choice. Hidden within the description, of the item, is the phrase "you've found WAldo".

Contestants might have to peruse mulitple items, in a shop, before they find "Waldo".

The theme for this month's contest is "Princess for a Day". So, the "Waldo" will be an item that would fall under that theme.

The contestant that finds all of the "Waldos" and emails me their list will be the winner. Winner won't be announced until July 1st.

Sponsors and participants can "play" but can't "win".

ANYONE with an internet connection can participate. Article

Coco Watkin, a contributor to has written an article about our upcoming contest.

It is, currently, listed under "Guilds & Teams".

Every time it receives a thumbs up and a vote for it, it is moved that much closer to the front page.

So, GO vote for the article!!!

Here's the shorten link so that it will be easier for you to promote:

Thanks to Coco for featuring our little guild and it's first contest!


Saturday, June 13, 2009


The current featured artisan is moi, your lowly guild master. :)

Um...short and sweet...been quilting for about 10 yrs now. Self taught which has helped and hindered me along the way.

I'm now a teacher at a local quilt shop and teach 1-3 classes a quarter. Currently teaching "Grandmother's Flowers Garden" (hand-piecing) and "Trio Strip Quilt" (a basic beginner's class).

Being booked from June to December, I get burnt out with quilts by January. So, I make quilted purses and accessories, baby and toddler items, things for the home, wool-work, etc. Small projects that don't take more than a couple of days (at most) to complete and are not stressful.

So, of course, it's June and I'm already booked through the middle of July. *sigh* But I love it.

I've included pics of 2 of my quilts. A "Grandmother's Flowers Garden" and a Reverse Applique Rag quilt. Also, one of my quilted purses. Three pics are the blog limit. :)

Stop by and check out my shop sometime. There's something for everyone.

Friday, June 12, 2009

First Monthly Guild Contest

Our first guild contest will start on Monday, June 15th and run through Tuesday, June 30th.

Anyone, in internetland, can participate.

Rules, participating shops, sponsor, and prize will be posted first thing Monday a.m.

Follow the blog to be the first, in the know, on upcoming guild events.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Exquisite Studios

Emily, is the shop owner of "Exquisite Studios".

She's been creating in a wide variety of mediums for as long as she can remember.

We're lucky enough to have Emily be the sponsor for our guild's first monthly contest (to begin June 15th). Just WAIT until you see what she is putting up for the prize...everyone's going to try to win it!

I've decided that it's only fair to limit myself to 3 pictures when I feature artisans. With Emily (as I've found, with all of our guild artisans) it was a difficult task to choose 3 that would really showcase her shop and give you an idea of her crafsmanship.

She has Guardian Angel pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and these VERY unique wire baskets.

Stop by and I dare you to leave without buying SOMETHING!