Sunday, April 4, 2010


Lisa runs the "jYOUlry" shop on Artfire.

She has an amazing selection of custom jewelry...almost EVERYTHING has personal photos with them. 

So, every piece in her shop is a one-of-a-kind...purchase your item and send your fav pic to Lisa and she turns it into a work of art!

Her shop has 2 distinct categories:

Sterling Silver Collections ~ Necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, and more!
Photo Accessories ~ Purse hangers, bottle stoppers, business card case, glass charms, keychains, and more!

Lisa is offering a sale on her beaded necklaces.  $10 off any beaded necklace with photo pendant.  Use coupon:  CLEARANCE, at time of checkout, and make sure to email your picture as well.  Under her shop policy, you will see the directions on the size/type/etc. and where to send your picture.

This is a great shop to get something for Mother's Day or even Father's Day...(psst...she has money clips and cuff links available, too!)


  1. I love the personal touch to this shop. Very nice items :)

  2. Thanks Kim! Wonderful feature!!! I am excited to direct more traffic to jYOUlry!

  3. She has an amazing shop and she is super helpful to everybody even outside of the shop (she is always looking for ways for other shops to get the most out of their shops too!)

    Thanks a million dear.

  4. I like the beaded necklaces with the photo charms!

  5. Just found you today.....entering giveaway and now going to browse.

  6. Well my week is over and I want to give a great big virtual ***HUG*** and THANK YOU!!! to Kim, and the shopswithlessthan10sales guild for all the support this week, it has been a truly awesome week as the featured shop!!! It really makes me see how much each person's post can make such a huge impact on another person's life, business and emotional outlook when things are slow... I will be an even more active participant in the following weekly featured artisans because of it!

    Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart! I am truly honored and humbled by the opportunity!!!