Monday, April 12, 2010

Boutique Karma

Tara owns "Boutique Karma".

She sells a smattering of coasters, boo boo packs, and crayon roll-ups.  Her shop is mainly stocked with aromatherapy eye pillows; coffee cuffs; and mug huggers.

The aromatherapy eye pillows are filled with lentil beans, flaxseed, and lavendar.  These wonders are perfect for headaches or just to relax.  They can be placed (an hour minimum) in the freezer or microwaved for a hot compress.  With summer coming, how can you NOT get one to cool off at night???

Tara's coffee cuffs are a great way to go a little green when you're using a disposable cup.  No more paper/cardboard sleeves!  Reduce your carbon footprint with these cuffs!  Small enough to keep in your purse, car, or even pocket and always have one handy. 

The mugs huggers are just a FUN way to dress up a boring mug!  Layered with insulated batting, they help to keep your drink warmer, a little longer, and lets you hold your mug a little more comfortably without fear of burning your hands.

20% of all sales are donated to "Doctors Without Borders With Medicins Sans Frontiers Canada" for the relief of Haiti.

You're guaranteed to get some great gifts, or treat yourself, in this shop!  Not only THAT but your purchase benefits a wonderful charity as well!!!  So, why are you still here???  Hop on over and START shopping!


  1. I love Tara's aromatherapy eye pillows. They would make great gifts for Mother's Day!

  2. Love her fabrics! So fresh and pretty!!! the boo boo packs are really great too! lots of bumps and bruises at my house with all those boys running around. I'll need to invest in a few of those!

  3. Tara makes wonderful eye pillows super great for people with migrains.

  4. I am showing off eco friendly, green type products for Earth Day on my blog- these would be perfect! Feel free to post your link and contact information there