Monday, September 14, 2009

Guild Master's Picks of the (Second) Day

Well, here are my picks for the remainder of our guild shops. I have just had the best time searching each shop! But a difficult time trying to decide the pics to choose to share with you.

It's the same as yesterday...the shops will be posted (with working links), the item in their picture, and any specials that they might have to offer you.

1. Beans Boutique ~ Halloween Earring ~ 25% off of total order with free shipping Coupon: GUILDSPECIAL

2. Forest of Jewels ~ Necklace & Earring Set ~

3. The Hobby Room ~ Flower Clip ~
20% off of total order Coupon: First 10

4. Shabby Bags ~ Clemson Purse ~

5. Made for Me by Oaklie ~ scarf ~

6. Annrose ~ Circle Necklace ~

7. Radical Recrafter ~ Clutch ~

8. Fiber Cycle ~ Colored Wool ~


  1. Hobby room - congrats on your first sale!

  2. Great selection. Those spider earrings are too cute.

  3. :) There are sooo many wonderful choices, it's difficult to choose. LOL

  4. Thanks so much for posting, VA! And even more thanks to BeansBoutique for my first THREE sales! : ) You made my day!

    Now off to tweet about the blog.... (singing) "tweet tweet"