Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Launch of Our Blog

This is the first day of the launch of our blog.

The reason I created this guild, and the reason you joined, was to help myself and others promote their shops. Which would (hopefully) lead to an increase in traffic and then sales.

We need to be a proactive and supportive guild. Copy the "Guild Badge" and paste it, with a link to the guild, on your blog or other website. Add it to your Facebook/Myspace page. Whereever else you display badges.

Starting on Wednesday (tomorrow), one shop will be featured. It will be featured from Wednesday through Friday. Another shop will be featured Sunday through Tuesday.

I ask that ALL guild members help to promote ALL shops when they are featured.

This will help the shop get some MUCH needed traffic and you'll receive the same when it's your shop's turn.

There are many ways that you can help out in promoting the featured shop. Here are just a few (and if you have other suggestions, please comment):

1. Publish a post about the shop (with an item that's for sale and the shop's link) on your blog
2. Twitter
3. Mention it Facebook and/or MySpace
4. Votehandmade something in the shop
5. Email your friends and family asking them to JUST visit the shop and pass it along to others that might be interested in it
6. Through the "share" link ...promote the blog on whichever sites you like/belong to

When it's YOUR shop's turn to be featured:

1. Link this post to your blog
2. Offer a promotion...a discount; shop sale; contest; giveaway; whatever you can do to entice more traffic
3. Do all of the same things as if you were promoting another shop.

Good luck and remember, you get out of this what you put into it.

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