Monday, February 7, 2011

La Manche

Lynn owns the vintage French shop, "La Manche".

She has a large selection of  wonderful "finds" in her shop!  Many of her vintage items are French but there are many from all around Europe.

Check out her selection of items for the home.  Or if your a collector of vintage notions, she has some great items as well.  There are tins/trinkets, clothing/accessories, even toys!    

There's much, much more that you'll have a fun time browsing this wonderful shop.
Visit Lynn's blog to see her handmade side and to hear about her ventures shopping flea markets and forgotten stores.  Follow her on Twitter to hear about new finds, promotions, sales, etc.


  1. Such neat looking finds in Lynn's shop!

  2. So many interesting items at LaManche! Great fun to browse...always something I hadn't noticed before!

  3. What a wonderful shop and such lovely items! She will reach that awful, yet wonderful 10 sales soon! Good job!

  4. Love her sparkly lizard! Nicely artistic yet fun too!

  5. The shop items really appeal to me! I love the bobble heads!

  6. It's not shown here, but the French collar in her Artfire shop is very lovely. Check it out!