Monday, December 20, 2010

Nacyanne Quilt Works

You can't help but ooh and ahh, as soon as, you enter the "Nacyanne Quilt Works" shop.  You'll find yourself smiling while you look at one beautiful piece after another.

Nacyanne's carries more than just lap and baby quilts though.  There is a gorgeous selection of table toppers, mini quilts that can double as "mug rugs", and beautiful cell phone cases.

I forgot to include one of the cellphone cases in the collages, so here's one a pic of one:

Through the end of the year, get FREE Priority shipping on any quilt purchase.  Almost every other item ships FREE, too!

Make sure that you "like" Nacyanne's on Facebook and follow on Twitter.  Then you'll always be among the first to see the newest beautiful item listed and to learn about any upcoming sales/promotions.  Visit her blog to catch a glimpse into the life of a quilter.


  1. This is a great little shop. Everything is so vibrant and colorful!

  2. Gorgeous quilts! I especially like the baby quilts and the table toppers. She definitely does beautiful work.

  3. Wonderful quilts, table toppers, etc. Sewing is an artform all to itself and this shop represents the art at its finest.

  4. that quilt with the little birds is lovely. i really wish i could sew. great work in this shop!

  5. I keep seeing new quilts that I would love to have. I like using them on tables.

  6. Love the colors on that cellphone case!