Friday, October 1, 2010

Absin the Dragonfly

Want a new perfume? Looking for a gift for that special someone or a treat for yourself?

The this week's featured shop, "Absin the Dragonfly", is the place to go!  Amanda has a large selection of fine perfumes in her shop.

If you're not sure what scent that you might want, Amanda offers a sample pack of scented tester papers.  You just pay the shipping costs.

She also has a variety of sample bottles, something for everyone's needs...get just 1 bottle, a 6 pack, or 13 pack of different scents. 

Love all types of scents but don't want to buy lots of different perfumes?  Amanda offers a sample Club of the Month program.  Get a different scent each month!  How great is that?  Now there's the perfect gift for the fashionista!

Amanda offers her perfumes in 5 and 10 ml bottles, as well as, 1/2 and 1 ounce bottles.

She has chosen pictures that best depict each perfume's scent (if you're wondering why there are pictures of flowers and fruit, etc. in the collage).

Amanda is offering FREE shipping on all orders.  Just use coupon code:  GRAND OPENING

You can follow Amanda, on Twitter and "like" her Facebook page.  She also has a great blog, too.

So, show this shop some blogger love and hope on over to see everything that Amanda has to offer.  BTW...New prize is now posted.


  1. I love that Amanda offers Bespoke Botanical, a custom made fragrance! I've never heard of this before and think it is a really unique offering.

  2. Thanks for such a wonderful article about my shop!

  3. I am so impressed and amazed, I have never known anyone who can make their own perfume.