Thursday, July 1, 2010

And The Winner Is.....

Well...the winner of our June's giveaway is.....drum roll, please....

Our very own guild member, Jan, of  "On Pens and Needles".  I think she's finally figured out a formula!  ROFL   She has commented throughout the month (8 of the 30 comments were her's!) increasing her odds of winning.

Congrats, Jan and thanks for one of our most active members of the guild.

Don't you LOVE Jan's prize?

The Eye Pillow was donated by, former guild member, Boutique Karma.  Who had to take a leave of absence with a new pregnancy and busy life.  Thanks, Tara and we hope all is well with you!

This month's prize is posted in the upper, left-hand sidebar.  It's a GORGEOUS bracelet donated by Swirl Jewels.  You can click on the prize picture to go directly to the shop to see more beautifully crafted jewelry.


  1. Congratulations Jan on winning the eye pillow.

    Also just a quick note: if you wish to know a bit more about the next guild prize you can visit here as I have written up the details about the bracelet.

  2. How cool! With all the work I have to do to get ready for TDOCIJ I'm going to need the eye pillow. Thank you!

  3. Congratz to the winner!! Woo Hoo!!