Monday, June 21, 2010

Crafty Baby Hope

Jennifer owns the great "Crafty Baby Hope" shop on Artfire.  She just needs 1 more sale to hit the magic #11 and leave our little guild!  Who's going to help Jennifer meet that goal???

She has a large selection of jewelry available:  necklaces, bangles and bracelets, earrings, rings, and anklets.  

She also has a large selection of items made with polymer clay:  necklaces, earrings, charms, figurines. brooches/pins, hair clips, and zipper/cellphone charms.

You REALLY need to check out the figurines!  There weren't any included in this feature but they are ADORABLE!!!

To get 10% off, one item, use coupon:  10 PERCENT OFF FREE SALE (at time of checkout and make sure to type it as one word, I spaced them for easier reading).

100% of the profits go towards infertility treatments.  Read her personal blog to find out more about Jennifer and the treatments. 

There are a number of other places that you can find out more about Jennifer and her shop:

Crafty Baby Hope blog.  Follow her on Twitter and her Facebook Fan page to be among the first to see new listings and find out any specials/promos.  Jennifer is even on You Tube.


  1. I like the lovely ladybug pin!
    G. Willett

  2. Everyone is so amazing in this guild :). Thank you so much for this feature :) :)


  3. Her new pendants are amazing!

  4. Lovely items and a lovely blog!

  5. Great to see such talent in the guild!!!

  6. What an awesome cause your work is beautifull hopefully your next sale comes soon we will miss you

  7. Love this guild. Everyone helping each other. It's great...and lots of talent too!

  8. Great shop with fun and fancy jewelry.

  9. Your shop is great! I love your pendants.