Monday, May 24, 2010

Mad Moravian

Scott owns the "Mad Moravian" Artfire shop.  We don't think Scott has YET told us how he came up with such a uniquely named shop!  (ahem...hint, hint...Scott!).  Wouldn't you like to know?

Scott creates and sells the most beautiful wooden, stainglass, and chainmaille items around!  His pens are functional, as well as, stylish!

Don't even get us STARTED on his stainglass!  One word, alone, couldn't do them justice!  Here are just a few that come to mind:  STUNNING, EXQUISITE, AMAZING, GORGEOUS, and INCREDIBLE!  Tell us what words you think would apply!

To see more of his stainglass items, make sure to visit his shop's gallery!  In his gallery you'll see his woodwork and where do we start THERE???  The king-sized cherry bed that he made?  Or the tables?  How about the bookshelf?  You just have to see them for yourself!

Scott also has a large selection of wooden bottle stoppers!  The grains in the wood...the variety of shapes...the selection of colors....they'are all AMAZING!

I haven't even touched on the chainmaille jewelry and glass charms that Scott also creates!  It's refreshing to see chainmaille made with a man's perspective!  We just LOVE the hat band!  How awesome it that?

You can follow Scott's blog where you can easily see his more recent tweets, shops that he's featured, post about new listings, and posts about his everyday life.

You can follow Scott on Twitter.  and be among the first "in the know" about his specials, sales, promotions, etc.
For Father's Day, Scott has EVERYTHING in his shop on sale!  No coupon GREAT is that?  Sale ends June, head on over there now and start shopping!  We know that we are...
Custom orders are always welcomed, so contact Scott to have a one-of-a-kind item made especially for you!


  1. loving this stained glass piece: a great handmade shop choice!

  2. Hope he's still around when I buy a house... I will have the geekyest bathroom window! :D Such beautiful work!

  3. Awesome artist :) Very stunning work.


  4. Lots of great stuff. Love the stained glass work.

  5. His stained glass pieces are awesome!

  6. I guess I need to take some pictures of my stained glass dining room fixture. And a picture of the piece I did for my oldest sister: a take on a Frank Lloyd Wright piece.

    The story of how I came up with the shop name......

    Several years ago I was playing an on-line game called AstroWars. The members of my team were all supposed to login at the exact same time. I logged in early with my usual handle. I goofed. I had to come up with a nick, quickly, that I knew would be unique.

    My dad's side of the family is from the part of the Czech Republic that used to be Moravia. moravian, as a handle, just did not flow well, so I tried some alliteration. Out came madmoravian. I liked it, it's unique, and it reflects some of my family history.

    And there you have it!

  7. Ah....that's really neat!

    Kim :o)

  8. I am jealous... what beautiful work :)

  9. What beautiful work, Scott! And what a nice feature to showcase all of your work so that other me...can really get to know it! :-)

  10. So that's where it came from. Always interested in how people come up with names for their shops.