Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow! Look At The Award That We Received...

We received a wonderful surprise comment, on the blog, Friday a.m. that gave us this Sunshine award.  Tara, owner of the Boutique Karma Artfire shop, gave us this award.  She has a wonderful shop that features aroma therapy eye pillows, coasters, and boo boo packs!  Stop by and browse her're guaranteed to find something that you like!

We now have the daunting task of picking 12 blogs to share the award.  We have decided to give this award to our fellow guild members...due to their hard work, promoting and blogging, have done an amazing job promoting this blog and each other.

Here are our picks:

~   A Mad Moravian
Dancing Wind Designs
The Elle's Beads Blog
Hippie Chick Jewelry and Design
MikiCat Designs
My Curiousitys Piqued
On Pens and Needles
Quirky Dame's Art Blog
Tali's Creations Artisan Jewelry
Watches by Helen
A Life With Many Windows
cnewcomb woodworking

So, people....when you accept the award, choose your 12 blogs that you want to share it with and let them know.

Congrats to everyone!!!

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Thanks so much for sharing the award with me! I will have to get my picks figured out and notify them... So exciting!