Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fiber Cycle

Amy owns the "Fiber Cycle" wool supply shop on Artfire.  She specializes in hand-dyed wools, yarn, and hand-prepared fibers.

Stunningly beautiful color combinations of wools!!!

Some of the types of wool that Amy offer are:

~ Rare breed wool (Polwarth, Babydoll, and more)
~ Merino and Rambouillet
~ Fleece and Locks
~ Bamboo
~ Hand-spun yarn
~ SW Merino and Seacell

Her wools are popular with hand spinners who turn it into yarn for knitting.  The locks are popular for felting projects and "wool art".

Her wool is some of the best out there.  If you're a knitter, felter, or use wool in any areas you really need to visit Amy's shop.  Her dying/felting talent is simply incredible!


  1. i just want to touch them all!

  2. Almost makes me wish that I knitted!!!

  3. I just want to buy up her whole shop and play with her yarns all day! :0