Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Share Your Flair" Award

Our guild blog was fortunate enough to receive this award twice. The first person to give us the award was Tracy (of the "Braggin' Rights" shop on Artfire). Since I'm the guild master, the award was sent to me. The second person to give the guild the award was myself.

I choose to give this award, again, to the guild because even though I maintain the blog, it really is an ENTIRE group effort to run. We all promote the two weekly featured shops and our monthly "Where's Waldo" contest.

So, somehow I'm suppose to figure out 3 things to tell about us once we've accepted the blog.

1. Our guild is a little special because to be a member your shop has to have less than 10 sales. Once you've hit your 11th sale, you're required to leave the guild. With the rest of us sending you hugs and best wishes (and a little envy...LOL).

2. We have become very good at giving each other moral support. Financial support is not a requirement but we do all that we can to help promote one other, in any and ALL venues possible.

3. Our motto is basically two-fold: 1) If we don't promote ourselves, who's going to do it for us?; and 2) by promoting others karma will come back to us via increased traffic and sales.

Now, I had a difficult time choosing the 3 blogs to pass this award on to, but I finally made my decision. If the blogs choose to accept the award, they have to tell three things about themselves and forward it along to 3 other blogs that support and promote other artisans and shops.

1. My Sweet Greens ~ Promote various shops and items of the day. The blog really specializes in "green" and "eco-friendly" themed items and artisans. There are also numerous posts on how to live a "green" life and is very interesting and fascinating to read.

2. A Special Touch ~ This is a relatively new blog but Angela has thrown herself into it with such force it's truly amazing. She has daily featured artisans and is doing a wonderful job (for a fledgling blog) promoting her fellow artisans.

3. Andrea W. Designs ~ Andrea is also another great blog that promotes artisans, shops, and items of the day.

So, there you have it. I "withheld" the news of this award, from the guild, because I wanted them to be surprised when they read today's post.

Congrats to everyone! I'm the person behind the scenes but you've ALL made it what it is....definitely a group effort!


  1. Wow, this is a pleasant surprise! And Kim, you're the best guild master we have!

  2. this guild has made a big difference in my approach to online selling. I am learning so much from all of you, getting so much support and an truly inspired by all the creativity!

  3. I wanted to make this Saturday's post a little "interesting" for the guild members, that's why I kept it a secret. It's nice to get a surprise every once in awhile. LOL

    Thanx...Ilmare. :)

  4. Cogratulations!!!This is the best guild/team I have ever belonged to and Kim is the best Guildmaster/teamleader.Really!I LOVE this new featured shop on Sturdays post!

  5. Very nice! This guild deserves the award!!!!