Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Where's Waldo" August Contest

This contest is based on "Where's Waldo". Explanation of what a "Waldo" is (for those who aren't familiar with this children's cartoon character) is at the end of the post.

Contest starts today and ends August 20th. First contestant with ALL of the CORRECT Waldo items wins BOTH of the prizes (shown). Winner gets their choice of wallet AND coin purse. The prizes were donated by VaBeachQuilter. Visit her shop to see more great items by clicking on her badge (in the upper left-hand corner).

Winner will be announced and notified on August 21st. Once I've received their address; the prize will be mailed.

Good luck everyone!!!


Each shop has chosen, one of their items, to be "Waldo". "Waldo" fits the theme for the month. This month's theme is "Back to School".

ANYONE with an internet connection can participate in the contest.

Contestants need to find each shop's "Waldo" item. Some shops might have multiple items that could fit the theme. Contestants will have to read each item's description until they find the one that has the phrase "You've Found Waldo" hidden within.

To make it a little easier for contestants, ALL "Waldos" are listed in the "featured gallery" of each shop.

Once contestants have found each shop's "Waldo", email me your list.

The first contestant with a COMPLETE and CORRECT list will be the winner.

NOTE: Guild members that participate, in the contest, can "play" but can't "win".

Here are the participating shops:



Waldo is a fictional, cartoon person that has a dozen or so children's books out. Waldo is, almost, always dressed the same and he's "hidden" in a picture filled with hundreds of other things.

Everything's drawn close together and they're extremely BUSY pictures. Children have to "find" Waldo. It's not easy sometimes because the artist tries to make Waldo "blend" in. It's basically a "seek and find" book.

That's the premise of the contest.

Each participating shop has chosen a "Waldo" item. Hidden within the description, of the item, is the phrase "you've found Waldo".

Contestants might have to peruse multiple items, in a shop's "featured" gallery, before they find "Waldo".

The theme for this month's contest is "Back to School". So, the "Waldo" will be an item that falls under that theme.


  1. Great contest, I enjoyed searching the shops.

  2. The winner gets to pick ANY wallet and coin purse (in my shop) if they don't like the ones pictured. :)

    What if a guy wins, right? LOL

  3. posted on HMGiveaways:) great prizes Kim!!

  4. I had enjoyed looking at all the great products these artisans are doing. It was fun participating in this contest.

  5. what a creative and fun idea! well done Kim! :-)

  6. Thanks Katie but it was a group effort. From start to finish. :)