Monday, August 30, 2010


VaBeachQuilter is the featured shop this week and is the guildmaster for this wonderful guild.

Kim has a very large selection of items to choose from and there's guaranteed to be something for everyone! 

With just under 700 item listed...she has over a dozen different categories in her shop.  If you're looking for something specific, Kim suggests that you use her shop "search" bar to make your shopping easier.

Kim has a number of new items/categories listed in the past couple of months.  Her shopping cart coupon organizers have been quite popular.  They ATTACH to your shopping cart!  Leaving your hands free for shopping.  How cool is that?  And in today's economy, everyone's pinching pennies where they can.

To help you with your own penny pinching, Kim has FREE shipping on everything in her shop!  So, not only are her prices extremely reasonable but you don't have to worry about the additional shipping cost.

Kim takes custom orders and likes to let people know that if they see something made in a specific fabric/print, but want something else made with it instead, just contact her and she'll see what she can do for you.

Kim understands that everyone LOVES to own quilts but they're costly and most people can't afford to buy them outright.  It's that time of year when her layaway plan kicks in.  Put your quilt on layaway and have it in time for the holiday season.  Just contact her for details.

Follow Kim's blog, Facebook fan page, and on Twitter to be among the first to know about upcoming sales, promotions, and new listings.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jewelry by Andrea

If you're looking for some gorgeous, high-quality jewelry then the "Jewelry by Andrea" shop is the place to go.

There you'll find a large assortment of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Andrea also has keychains/zipper pulls. They're not your run-of-the-mill keychains/pulls either!

Of course, everyone loves a sale and Andrea has a few, select, items listed in her AFSS - Artfire Stilmulus Sale category and it's worth checking out!

While you're at the shop, take a minute to read Andrea's blog.  She has a wonderful article explaining the metal working art of Repousse.  It's a fascinating read.

You can follow Andrea on Twitter and you'll be among the first to know about upcoming sales, events, listings, and promotions.

Don't forget that you still have time to enter our blog giveaway.  The prize is posted, and the sponsoring shop, in the upper, left-hand corner.  Just leave a comment on this post, or any post, to enter the contest.  Enter as many times as you want.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Haunted Willow

The "Haunted Willow" shop is the go-to place for your primitive/country decor needs.

Jodi has some the cutest stuffed dolls and critters in her shop.  She has a wonderful selection of scented candles, tarts, potpourri, and more.  Don't forget to stop by  the body soap and lotion section as well.

Jodi's very active on Facebook, so stop by and become her friend.  If you tweet, Jodi is also on Twitter.

Jodi has a wonderful, "baby" blog that could use some fan, please stop on by and follow her there as well.

There is currently a sale in the shop... 10% off of all items.  Use coupon code:  GIMMEE at time of checkout.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Free For All

We're having another free for all!  Something from every guild shop is pictured.  The numbers coordinate with the shop links posted below.

Show all of our shops some link love!  Visit them and share with your family, friends, fans, and followers!

Thanks from the Shops With Less Than 10 Sales guild!

1.   Always Daddy's Girl
2.   Bindu
3.   Designed by Audrey
4.   Designing Rose
5.   Enchanted Beads
6.   Haunted Willow
7.   Jewelry by Andrea
8.   Jewelz_Creatives
9.   Mad Moravian
10. Spiral 
11. Swirl Jewels
12. VaBeachQuilter

And The Winner Is.....

The winner of our July giveaway is our very own Andrea!

Andrea won this beautiful bracelet by Swirl Jewels.

You can visit Andrea's shop at Jewelry by Andrea.

August's prize is now posted with a link to the sponsor shop.  To enter, just leave a comment on our blog.  Leave as many comments as you wish.